International Day of Dance

In recognition of International Dance Day, here are a selection of our archival holdings from choreographers, dance companies, dance critics, dancers and organizations that have significant content related to dance.

F0172 Canadian Association for Professional Dance Organizations (CAPDO) fonds

F0199 Canadian Dance Festival fonds

F0285 Centre for Experimental Art & Communication fonds

F0198 Dance Umbrella Of Ontario fonds

F0142 Paul James Dwyer fonds

F0189 Gladys Forrester fonds

F0301 Danny Grossman Dance Company fonds

F0521 Robert A. Lawson fonds

F0118 Rhombus Media Inc. 

F0430 Lauretta Thistle fonds

F0146 Toronto Dance Theatre fonds

F0574 Mary Jane Warner fonds

F0453 Herbert Whittaker fonds

You may also want to browse one of our first online exhibits featuring the work of noted choreographer and dancer, Danny Grossman here: . As well, there is material regarding the role of dancers in the history of the Mariposa Folk Festival here:

Below you will find a selection of historical photographs from the Toronto Telegram and other archival fonds held at the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections featuring local Toronto dance festivals, including:

  • Celebrations held to commemorate the independence of Barbados, November 25, 1966.
  • Members of the Maureen Marques Dance Group performing at Caribana in 1967.
  • Dancers at an event held at the Immigrant Club of Toronto on June 7, 1969.
  • Group dances and performances by traditional dance troops at the 1963, 1970, 1974 and1978 Mariposa Folk Festivals, held on Toronto Island and Orillia, Ontario.
  • A street party held in Chinatown to raise money for the Mon Sheong Foundation Home for the Aged, October 12, 1970.
  • Canadian Brazilian Society Grande Baile de Carnaval held February 15,1969.
  • Dancers at the Zambia Day celebrations held in Toronto on November 24, 1964, most likely to celebrate the former colony's independence from Great Britain a month before.

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