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Recent Acquistion: Historical studies of Roma Travellers in Britain

Here is a recent aquisition to York University's Special Collections: a 1831 publication by James Crabb regarding the Roma and Traveller communities of Britain. The Gipsies' advocate  is an excellent example of a body of literature dedicated to the 'problem' of itinerant groups in nineteenth century Britain and efforts to reintegrate these communities into [...]


New Acquisition : Courtesy of an Unknown Donor

Earlier this summer, one of the Scott Library's staff found a number of items that were not part of the libraries collections, or indeed, any branches'.  One can only surmise that this was a anonymous donation: and what a donation!
The package included two bound collections of colour plates of late 19thC fashion models, most culled [...]


Recent Acquisitions: City Life

The Archives & Special Collections are always on the look out for historical or scarce items that may be of interest to our teach faculty or students. Here are a few items we've picked up this year that relate to city life in the 19th and 20th centuries, which may be of particular interest to [...]