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Archival Appraisal: Partnering with the Community

Two new partnerships aim to capture, preserve, and disseminate the histories of visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, and Toronto's immigrant construction workers: Home Made Visible (the Regent Park Festival) and the City Builders: An Oral History of Immigrant Construction Workers in Postwar Toronto (Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies).
In these projects, the communities self-select records to represent their histories and CTASC [...]


The Toronto Telegram photograph archives: preserved with the assistance of the Canadian Council of Archives

The National Archival Development Program (or NADP ) is administered by the Canadian Council of Archives and it - and it's previous incarnations- have been vital in the completion of a number of projects here at the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections. One of the strongest examples is the survival of the Toronto Telegram [...]


Canadian Council of Archives: vital for archives to survive and thrive

Last Monday, April 30, 2012 at 11:00am, administrative staff at Library Archives Canada announced that the National Archival Development Program (NADP) and the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) were eliminated. Without prior consultation or warning to affected stakeholders, the decision was made to cut these vital programs and services which feed into the pan-Canadian [...]


Archives Awareness Week : 2 - 8 April 2012

To celebrate Archives Awareness Week, held the first week of April, we're compiling a idiosyncratic and completely biased list of interesting news stories involving archives, historical documents or rare books and the compelling stories they generate.  These can cover a range of topics, including:
Serendipitous discovery!    Unexpected loss!   
Wanton destruction!       Benign neglect!

The power of archival material [...]