Mother's Day

Mother's Day Vigil for Peace by Voice of Women outside Royal Ontario Museum, May 11, 1963. Photographer: B. Palmer (Peter) Ward. From Toronto Telegram fonds, image number ASC04608.

In anticipation of Mother's Day, here's a picture from the Toronto Telegram of a group of women outside the Royal Ontario Museum for the Mother's Day Vigil for Peace by the NGO group Voice of Women (VOW).  Photographed by Toronto Telegram staff photographer B. Palmer (Peter) Ward on May 11, 1963.

The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (or VOW) was founded in 1960 as an national and international NGO (non-governmental organization) with consultative status at the United Nations Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC) that advocated for nuclear disarmament.

Additional photographs of community protests digitized from the Toronto Telegram fonds can be found here: .

More information about the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (and their 100th anniversary) can be found here: .


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