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Kate Greenaway, Aquatints, and Dominion Glass - August 2022 Highlights

Greenaway, Kate. Almanack for 1883. London: George Routledge and Sons, 1883.
This almanac is the work of Kate Greenaway, an English artist part of the Aesthetic Movement which focused on the beauty of art and championed the idea of "art of art's sake." At this point in her career Greenaway was working with printer Edmund Evans, who [...]


A project in preservation: archiving digital documents, articles and images

Originally published in yFile: York University’s News.
An important aspect of YFile‘s 20th anniversary is preserving its archived content for future generations at York University. What does the process involve when considering a digital publication with such a lengthy history? What should University community members consider when thinking of archiving their digital records?
To find out, YFile [...]