Recent acquisitions

Going for Gold: The records of Arnold Hoffman

Post by Christopher Long, Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections Co-Op Student
Arnold Hoffman was a geologist, prospector, and New York stockholder who became associated with gold mining in Quebec, Manitoba, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.
Reports, maps, correspondence, geological studies, and photographs from his fonds provide an opportunity to dig into the history of Canadian [...]


Traditional Christmas Greeting Cards: Mrs. Gutgesell's mail-order catalogue from 1928

In light of the approaching holidays, here's a selection from our Special Collections, a mail-order catalogue for Christmas cards from 1928.  Provided to church and benevolent organizations,  Mrs. A.A. Gutgesell credits her seventeen years in the novelty business that "...enable me to develop a line of merchandise which cannot be equalled for material, individuality, workmanship [...]


Recent Acquisition: Paul-Émile Borduas’ copy of "Refus global"

Written By: Lisa Sloniowski, English Literature Librarian and Chair, Special Collections Working Group.

Le Refus global
“Make way for magic! Make way for objective mysteries! Make way for Love.”
York Libraries is pleased to announce our recent acquisition of artist Paul-Émile Borduas’ personal copy of the important manifesto Le Refus global (Total Refusal). This acquisition will complement the [...]


Black History Month featured fonds: Obsidian Theatre Company

Founded in February 2000, Obsidian Theatre Company is a leading black theatre companies in Canada. As a producer of black theatre and community advocate, the company has endeavoured to produce plays, develop playwrights and train emerging theatre professionals. Their mission statement focuses on the exploration, development, and production of the black voice.
The founding board included [...]


Recent Acquisition: Speculations of the Uses of Sewage

Here is a recent aquisition to York University's Special Collections: a pamphlet from 1847 proposing various strategies of dealing with, ahem, night soil in cities. 
This pamphlet may be of interest to students studying city planning, environmental studies, water quality, public health, sanitation, and the living conditions of the working class in nineteenth century England.
The pamphlet [...]


Recent Acquisition: The Illustrated Family Journal

Here is a recent aquisition to York University's Special Collections: a bound volume of The Illustrated Family Journal from 1845.
Featuring numerous engraved illustrations and serialized stories to be read aloud in communal settings, The Illustrated Family Journal is a good example of popular literary periodicals sold for general consumption by the middle class. 
This volume of 21 issues [...]