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Waffle Women in Politics: The Candidacy of Ellie Prepas in the 1972 Canadian Federal Election

As the City of Toronto heads into a mayoral race with three of the six leading candidates being women, let’s look back at a very different election landscape as the Clara Thomas Archives highlights the achievements of Professor Ellie Prepas during her time as a member of the Waffle movement within the New Democratic Party [...]


International Women's Day 2013

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here is a selection of items celebrating the political and social activism of women.
You can also see a selection of material we highlighted in 2011 which included activists, community organizers, philosophers and politicians like Jean Augustine, Grace Lonergan Lorch, and Marilou McPhedran, Mary Wollstonecraft and Margaret (Dillon) Norquay available here.
Faculty, [...]