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Vimy, the Socialist Shakedown, and Cookies-March 2022 Highlights

Another month has come and gone and that means another month of Special Collection highlights! Please enjoy learning about some of ASC's newest acquisitions.
Vimy Memorial Dedication Collection
Canada is known  for its assault at Vimy. It is seen as a moment when Canada emerged as a nation. All four divisions of the Canadian Corps fought together [...]


Dr. Seuss, the CNE, and Etiquette for Gentlemen. Special Collections Highlights - February 2022

Though CTASC was closed for many months over the last two years of the pandemic, we didn’t stop acquiring new additions for Special Collections, and, in December 2021, we were thrilled to welcome our new Special Collections Cataloguing Assistant Taylor Tryburski (she/her) to the department to help us manage these holdings and more.  
Taylor comes [...]