New Acquisition : Courtesy of an Unknown Donor

Earlier this summer, one of the Scott Library's staff found a number of items that were not part of the libraries collections, or indeed, any branches'.  One can only surmise that this was a anonymous donation: and what a donation!

The package included two bound collections of colour plates of late 19thC fashion models, most culled from issues of "The Designer",  and  "The Standard Delineator", both published by the Toronto branch of the Standard Fashion Company based out of New York and London.  The company's address is listed as 46 Adelaide Street West.

These items will be catalogued as part of the general collection of the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections.  Call numbers will be added to this post when available.

January 6, 2012 update:

The call numbers to these items are:
The Designer: TT 500 D47

The Standard Delineator:  TT 515 D45 V.55 NO.2 and TT 515 D45 V.44 NO.1

Online catalogue records can be found at:



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