New Acquisition : Courtesy of an Unknown Donor

Earlier this summer, one of the Scott Library's staff found a number of items that were not part of the libraries collections, or indeed, any branches'.  One can only surmise that this was a anonymous donation: and what a donation!
The package included two bound collections of colour plates of late 19thC fashion models, most culled [...]


What Am I? exhibit update: Identity of Object # 3 revealed!

A piece of the Ross Ramp

Donated as part of :
Most likely Murray Ross fonds, F0398
This is a piece of concrete saved after the destruction of the Ross Ramp which began in 1988.
The Ross Social Sciences and Humanities Building, opened in 1968 was designed as a grand entrance to the university.
According to Phillip Beelsey, the [...]


What am I? exhibit update: Identity of Object #2 revealed!

Diploma embosser

Donated as part of :
York University Convocation Office fonds,  F041
This tool was developed by members of York’s Physical Plant and the Convocation Office in the late 1970s or early 1980s.
Designed and created by Steve Dranitsaris, Fred Matthews and John Becker, this contraption was used to emboss university seals on York diplomas.
The object is [...]


What Am I? Exhibit update: The identity of Object #1 revealed!

Stereoscope Viewer

This tool was sold by stereograph companies to give their product a three-dimensional effect.  It was acquired as part of a collection of over a hundred stereograph images taken of public celebrations of the  300th anniversary of the establishment of European settlement at Quebec, which took place from July 19th to [...]


New Exhibit: What Am I? Objects in the Archives

Often archives accumulate objects and tools in the course of acquiring archival records.  For the month of January, we will exhibit three objects from the holdings of the Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections. We invite people to visit the exhibit case just outside the archives to take a look at these items and try [...]