Petitions, Pirates, and Pirated Copies - April 2022 Highlights

[D. W. Karn & Co. Advertising Fan]. London, Ont: London Printing & Litho. Co., 1896-1909.
Like some of the ASC items highlighted last month, this piece is ephemeral in nature, but it also has the distinction of being closer to an object than a book . Cataloguing standards allow for the cataloguing of non-book items such [...]


Hellenic Heritage Foundation donation will highlight experiences of Greek diaspora in Canada

The funding will expand the existing physical archive and establish a digital archive of images, documents, video and other assets that are related to Greek Canadian history.When Christopher Grafos entered the Graduate Program in History at York University, he encountered the same problem time and time again.“When I spoke to Greek Canadians about their immigration [...]


First bulk upload to Wikimedia Commons a success thanks to emerging public historians

On November 23, 2020, the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections contributed several digitized historical maps to Wikimedia Commons, an online repository of free images and other media. With these scans later embedded into Wikipedia articles, the maps are now viewed nearly 2.4 million times per year.
Students enrolled in visiting professor and course director Gilberto [...]